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Map designed by Earl Smith, Scott County GPS/GIS

What are GEMS?

As Scott County continues to grow and expand, it is imperative to maintain the history and culture of its past. Tourists and residents who choose to settle in Scott County enjoy the draw of peaceful living and small town atmosphere. Yet there is a responsibility for those that have lived here longer to build awareness for others by sharing the rich legacy of Scott County.

There are many locations within the boundaries of Scott County rich in history and culture and it was the goal of Leadership Scott County, Class 2004 - 2005, to create a project that would highlight these locations for others to enjoy and experience. These locations are identified simply as GEMS as they are unique with many facets. Ten GEMS have been designed as 60-second videos to ignite your interest in visiting these locations yourself and to expand your knowledge about Scott County.

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How Does My Location Become a GEM?

To become a GEM, consider the following criteria.
A GEM shall have a history that will attract both residents and visitors to Scott County, a rich story can be shared about the location, it is researchable, is in evidence for viewing, and recognized as a foundation of Scott County's past.
You may, for example,
also want to consider modern history. Toyota is recognized as modern history within Scott County. The land on which Toyota stands has a history, the land and background of Toyota's move to Kentucky can be researched and attracts both residents and visitors to our community.
If you would like your location to be considered as a GEM, please contact the Georgetown/Scott County Tourism Office via email gtown@mis.net

If your location is selected as a GEM, you work collaboratively with the students of Scott County Schools for the production of a 60-second video highlighting your location.

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View the GEMS of Scott County

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Buffalo Springs


Elkhorn Creek

Georgetown Courthouse

Giddings Hall

Rock Fences

Royal Springs

Sadieville Depot

Ward Hall



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Community Partners

As the Leadership Scott County, Class 2004 - 2005, our project has been designed to leave a legacy with a visionary goal to continue to enhance the knowledge of our community's rich history and culture through the production of 60-second GEMS. We anticipate that those who visit this website will be tourists as well as current and potential residents who value the diversity of our Scott County Community.
Throughout our project we developed community partnerships that assisted us in creating our GEMS and acknowledge them with much appreciation.

* Georgetown/Scott County Chamber of Commerce

* Georgetown/Scott County Tourism Commission

* Georgetown & Scott County Museum

* Scott County Schools

* Scott County Public Library

* Scott County Planning & Zoning (GPS/GIS)

*Ann Bevins, A Kentucky Treasure and Scott County Historian

@ 2005